The Boss: The Peak Of McCarthy’s Humour


Written by Luke Barnes


There seems to be noting worse in modern cinema than a film directed by Ben Falcone and starring his wife Melissa McCarthy. This film proves this rule to be true and is every bit as terrible as you would expect it to be.

Melissa McCarthy is not funny; I feel like collectively we as humans know this and yet these films keep getting made. There is only so many fat jokes she can make before you’re pleading for the film to be turned off, really it is quite depressing that McCarthy has to degrade herself like this for a laugh. Watching her falling over isn’t funny, it just isn’t.

Moreover, the film’s sense of humour marches into the camp of annoying very early on and it never leaves. This film runs all of it’s ‘jokes’ into the ground by recycling them over and over again, most likely because they are too lazy to come up with anymore.

It is sad to see Kristen Bell and Peter Dinklage here as they deserve so much better than this.

Overall, this film should really be avoided at all costs and there should be some sort of legal agreement that McCarthy and her Husband won’t make films together anymore.


If you turn it off and put something else on it really isn’t that bad



The jokes

It wastes its supporting cast

It is repetitive

It is dull

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