Bad Grandpa: Is This What We Have Been Reduced To?


Written by Luke Barnes


Not quite a Jackass movie, Johnny Knoxville and his entourage are back, this time trying to convince people that Knoxville is an old man who does random things.

This film is egregiously not funny, and not only is it not funny, but it then repeats the same jokes and set ups over and over again to well beyond the point of irritation. After you pass the point of irritation with this film you are left sitting there thinking to yourself why am I torturing myself by watching this, why don’t I value my own free time? These are questions better left unanswered.

The joke of course is that Knoxville is dressed up like an old man, but rather unlike an old man does stupid stunts or behaves reprehensibly in order to get a laugh from the audience who unlike those he is impacting know that it is a joke. More so that anything this film strikes me as incredibly desperate, it is sad to see the once funny Jackass crew be reduced to this.

Also all of the stunts are incredibly tame,  it can’t even land the wince inducing angle anymore.

Overall, bland, not funny and desperate.


It is short

I found the ‘shitbird’ line funny


Mostly it is deeply unfunny

It repeats its jokes

It is tame

It is desperate  

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