The Circle: Big Tech Is Scary We Get It


Written by Luke Barnes


Hermione Granger, because lets face it she can’t play anything else, starts working at a tech company and because it’s a trope of course they are evil.

You might have guess by the summary that I was not impressed by Emma Watson here. Really, of the central trio from the Harry Potter films only Daniel Radcliff has gone on to be a good actor and have an interesting career, Watson just plays variants on her Hermione character: sometimes they even break bad- see her in The Bling Ring. Her character here feels out of place and oddly miscast.

Moreover, Tom Hanks also feels out of place here. Maybe the intent of the film was to surprise us by casting the wrong actors for the parts in an effort to be daring? Hanks fails to deliver any kind of menace, and just feels around for the pay check.

Honestly, this film reads to me like it was written by someone who grew up in a time before the internet was so prevalent and as such both resents how interdependent people are on the internet and tech these days, whilst also thinking their day in the before times was better. The whole threat just feels so cliché and coming from a place of total misunderstanding.

Overall, another stinker for Miss Watson’s post Potter resume


I liked Beck’s cameo

It is unintentionally hilarious


Emma Watson

Tom Hanks

The premise is cliched

It has pacing issues

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