The Invention Of Lying: People Are Lying If They Say They Like It


Written by Luke Barnes


Ricky Gervais invents lying, that’s it that’s the plot.

There is a line in this film that combines both fat shaming and a terrible homophobic slur, and it is presented as a joke and it came out in 2009, just have a think about that. Yes, it is that kind of film.

The only reason this film has a 2 is because even when presented with weak material Ricky Gervais still manages to be likeable to me, maybe it is too many rewatches of The Office but the man always has a place in my heart.

The comedy of this film stems from the idea that no one lies so everyone has to be honest which leads to awkward scenarios on dates and in the work place etc, and though there are a few funny lines scattered throughout, for the most part the comedy is mean spirited and often edgy for the sake of it. Again, I have nothing against edgy humour, in fact I often find it quite funny, but not when it is just done for a cheap reaction.

Overall, my, my this film wouldn’t get made today. It gets by on Gervais’ charm but even then just barely.



Rob Lowe


Edgy for the sake of it

Most of the jokes don’t land

Wildly offensive

It is incredibly predicable  

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