There Is Something About Mary: Gross Out Comedy At Its Lowest


Written by Luke Barnes


A group of creepy guys obsess over a girl, played by Cameron Diaz, and she is unfortunate enough to pair off with one of them at the end.

This review is mainly going to come down to sense of humour, which like many things in the world is subjective, so just know that though I found it to be repugnant in many ways, and possibly the produce of teens trying to out gross there friends and then writing the whole thing down on paper, doesn’t mean you will feel the same way. Comedy can be hard to judge.

There is nothing wrong with physical comedy, gross out comedy or even edgy comedy when done right but here it is done wrong, just plain wrong. There is nothing funny, at least not to me, of having a long drawn out sequence of a chap, played by Ben Stiller, getting his nethers caught in his zip, yet the film focuses on it for a really long time. I honestly struggle to see how anyone other than a young teen could find this film funny.

On top of this you have the uncomfortable level of sexism that permeates the film coupled with the message of having Mary end up with a guy who is only slightly less creepy than the other men pursuing her, the normalisation of that whole concept is troubling and should be viewed as a black mark next to the film.

Overall, icky, sexist and better left in the past.


Diaz is trying her best and does have a few well delivered comedic lines


It is creepy

It isn’t funny

It is gross out for the sake of it

The ending sends a very troubling message to the audience  

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