Nine Lives: Kevin Spacey Becomes A Catgif, A Prelude To His Youtube Rants


Written by Luke Barnes


Kevin Spacey is a businessman who gets turned into a cat for reasons.

So firstly yes this is a Kevin Spacey film, a yikes in and of itself, but for the purposes of this review I will be looking past that and focusing on the film.

I should have liked this film, I am a cat person, however I just found it charmless. Not only does the film not justify its existence but it proceeds to bore us for its entire runtime as it has no point, goes nowhere and yields zero emotional response from the audience. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if this film was made as an effort to launder drug money.

It is a very by the numbers Spacey performance he is certainly not awful but he also doesn’t seem to be trying in anyway, clearly this was just a pay check for him. The comedy of the film is one continuous eye roll that never ends even when the film is over and you have gone home.

Overall, who was this film for?


I like cats so it gets half a point


This film doesn’t need to exist

It isn’t funny

It has horrid pacing

Kevin Spacey is just turning up

It feels like it was made in a focus group

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