Chucky: I Like To Be Hugged


Written by Luke Barnes


Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif, continues to push Jake, played by Zachary Arthur, down the path of murder.

I thought this episode was one of two halves. On the one hand you have the good half, which is to say everything to do with Chucky, his backstory continued his attempts to kill those in Jake’s life he doesn’t like and of course his attempts to have Jake become his apprentice. All of this is good and with regard to the backstory it helps to flesh out the Child’s Play world nicely,

Whereas on the other hand, you have all of the teen angst stuff. I understand the show wants to dive into teen issues such as bullying, sex and sexuality and that is not necessarily a bad thing, as Sex Education shows us it can be done and done well. However, the issue here is that all of the teen characters are such wet blankets that as soon as they come on screen you find yourself longing to be back with Chucky again. It was a noble aim to tackle these issues but maybe one executed poorly.

Overall, two thirds of this episode are really good sadly the teen stuff is just dragging it down.


Chucky’s backstory

Jake’s further descent into become Chucky’s apprentice

The ending


 The teen angst stuff is boring

The teen characters are wet blankets

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