Chucky: Give Me Something Good To Eat


Written by Luke Barnes


Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif, continues his relationship with Jake, played by Zachary Arthur, and further tempts him over to the dark side, encouraging him to kill.

I found this episode to be slightly weaker than the first. This is mainly due to the fact that it is lacking in logic, why would Chucky risk being found simply to kill the housekeeper it makes no sense? Maybe he doesn’t care if he is caught and just wants to kill, which seems to be the implied answer, but even then this would lead to him being destroyed, which means no more killing, so you would think he would be smarter about it.

I am enjoying seeing Jake slowly starting to consider what Chucky is saying, becoming a killer, I think it is a nice fresh angle for the series to explore. I thought the teens were especially loathsome this week when they mocked Jake’s fathers death during a Halloween party, maybe Chucky is right, maybe he is actually trying to help Jake.

I thought the slow building of tension here was done well as obviously these killings can’t keep happening around Jake before he will get held with suspicion, so clearly something is going to happen and I am excited to see what.

Overall, a weaker episode because the logic doesn’t quite line up but it is still a good and interesting watch.


The Chucky/ Jake relationship

Building the tension

Questioning Chucky’s intentions


The gaps in logic

We need more time per episode

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