The Letters: The Power Of Words


Written by Luke Barnes


This film sees a trio of women receive misdiagnosis of cancer. It explores the aftermath and impacts of this event.

This film hits like a ton of bricks and doesn’t let up. There is something so poignant and beautiful to this film as it really highlights the human experience and our collective pain. Furthermore, it illustrates the importance of information as one word can make or break a life.

Honestly I think this film is a triumph. The directing is superb, the acting is strong and never dips, and the themes and emotions are incredibly powerful. I won’t lie this film had me in tears at quite a few separate moments. I felt a strong connection to the characters and their respective journeys over the course of the film finding myself really caring about what they were going through.

I think this film speaks a lot of very important truths about the world and our society that need to be heard.

Overall, an incredibly emotional film that will take you through the wringer.


The emotion

The acting

The directing

The message

It moved me


A few slight pacing issues

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