Interview With Writer Director Robbie Walsh: The Letters

Written by Luke Barnes

I recently had the chance to interview writer/director Robbie Walsh about his new film The Letters which shows three women from different walks of life be given incorrect cancer diagnosis. We discuss issues of medical failure, injustice

Q:  What inspired you to make this film? 

A:  The film is inspired by actual events happening in Ireland today

Q:  What was the message? 

A:  This happened and continues to.

Q:  How do you think this film reflects on society, health care and the experiences of women? 

A:  I hope we gave a fair and thoughtful representation, and hopefully people who watch will think about change going forward.

Q:  Who were your influences? 

A:  In this film it was, Shane Meadows, Ken Loach, Fredrico Felini, Jean-luc Goddard, Ben Wheatley.

Q:  How did you manage to balance the tone of the film? Bleakness to happier moments and beauty?  

A:  There aren’t too many happy moments in the film and it is a very tough watch, some of the more delicate shots are based on famous paintings I admire.

Q:  Any thoughts for filmmakers looking to get into the industry?  

A:  Just start! but know the art form and be passionate about it, always remember your love for cinema.

Q:  Future projects?   

A:  Just working on this for the time being, self-distribution takes up a lot of time.

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