The Epilogue Of Gregory Archambault: Finding The Right Last Words


Written by Luke Barnes


A suicidal writer, played by Robert DeSanti, cannot kill himself until he has written what he believes to be a good suicide note.

Dark comedies are hit or miss for me, I find they can be done really well but rarely are. Usually there is an issue in balancing tone with it either being too serious or too silly, however, this film entirely hits the mark in that regard.

There are several moments that are funny and that do make you laugh, such as the character’s conversation with his mum and the final reveal of what he has been writing all along. As well as this the film also nails the more serious and emotional moments, with the voices that he hears in his head being an apt example of this. Many creatives struggle with feelings of inadequacy or self-loathing, this is an extreme example of it, so it is nice to see that represented here: the feeling that no matter how hard you write you can never write anything good is a common problem that a lot of people face.

Overall, a strong dark comedy film that nails both the comedy and the emotions.


The comedy

The mental health focus

The emotions

The ending

The reveal


Minor pacing issues

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