Anchorman: Wearing Underpants To Work Before It Was Fashionable


Written by Luke Barnes


The world of early morning news is thrown into disarray by the arrival of a female reporter.

I find something about early to mid-noughties Will Ferrell films oddly calming, they are very easy to watch and switch off to. This belief stems from the fact that this was before the shouty era of Ferrell wherein every line was made funnier by him screaming them a second time.

The humour of this film was very hit or miss for me, there were a few jokes that made me laugh but for the most part they left me cold. Of course there are a lot of off colour jokes in here where the characters make troublesome comments, but I didn’t find it to be done maliciously or with such vulgar unpleasantness as to take me out of it.

Christina Applegate is the real star of the show here and her character of Veronica Corningstone is terrific. She gets all the best lines, and plays off Ferrell’s Burgundy well, often matching him in terms of energy and heart.

Overall, despite some problematic lines this is still watchable, and Applegate makes it better.




A few funny jokes


Not all the jokes land

A few troublesome comments

A lot of the side characters are deeply unlikeable

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