National Lampoon Vacation: Stereotypes, Racial Cliches And Female Objectification Aren’t Funny


Written by Luke Barnes


A family decides to travel cross country for a holiday.

Big disclaimer here, I don’t view the argument of ‘oh things were different in the Eighties, so all of the jokes are somewhat defendable’ as in anyway right. Racism, ableism, sexism and homophobia have never been okay. Yes, if you haven’t guess by now this is going to be a negative review.

I actively found this film to be off putting, not only did I find the jokes cheap and unfunny but also needlessly offensive. It seemed to boil down to a game of how many cliches and stereotypes can I fit into this film on the part of the writer John Hughes- don’t get me started on Hughes. We have African Americans being shown as rough criminals, we have the child who was born without a tongue being a source of amusement and of course every woman is sexualised. It really shows how icky, troublesome and down right callous Hollywood was/ maybe still is.

Chevy Chase is bearable though not in large doses; his character has no likeable traits, and he seems to be written as a dick- which of course becomes grating quickly. The rest of the family are devoid of any kind of personality and you forget about them as soon as the film is over.

Overall, honestly this film is a pain to get through.


It is short


It is offensive


It is poorly written

It is not funny

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