Here Comes The Boom: I Never Knew It Was So Easy To Be A UFC Fighter, Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?


Written by Luke Barnes


Biology teacher Scott Voss, played by Kevin James, decided to get into cage fighting in order to save the schools musical department.

Honestly, I just put this on because I wanted something easy to zone out to and unwind- in that respect it didn’t disappoint.

Moreover, in terms of Happy Madison fare this isn’t the worst by any means, as though it is dumb and lazy as you would expect it to be, there is also a really strong heart and soul to this film that makes it feelgood even if you don’t particularly like the main character. To that Henry Winkler really shines here, Winkler is the heart and soul of this film and plays the character with such an innocents and sweetness that you can’t help but root for him-sadly he is only a side character.

Kevin James is fine, his character isn’t particularly likeable and is more often than not creepy or nasty to those around him, however he does have his moments. James is clearly playing the character as an everyman sort and that carries, even if the concept doesn’t. A man with no fighting experience couldn’t suddenly become a cage fighter, though why am I looking for logic here?

I was surprised to not see a cameo from any of the Sand Pack, my name for Adam Sandler and his friends, I thought for sure that someone would pop up but no, or maybe I missed it? They didn’t even force in Rob Schneider.

Overall, a watchable if not very funny comedy.



The heart

It is watchable


Kevin James

The leering at Selma Hayek by the camera

The plot holes

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