The Mule: Drugging Running Is A Job For All Ages


Written by Luke Barnes


The film follows an elderly man, Clint Eastwood, who begins to run drugs for the Sinaloa Cartel in an effort to make ends meet. It is based on a true story.

I thought this film was very mismatched tone wise, there were moments where the film felt serious and weighty, and others were it almost played the situation for laughs. I thought this dichotomy only served to weaken the film in the long term as it stunted any kind of real emotional pay off the film could have had.

Eastwood is good in the role and he still maintains the same level of charisma that he has always had. Though I must say seeing scenes, multiple, of him having sex or relations with much younger women is both awkward and a little uncomfortable, I don’t see why we need to see these scenes. It feels like Eastwood wanted to indulge.

Moreover, I would also say the film is on for entirely too long and as such the pacing really becomes an issue. The film feels far too drawn out with many of the scenes seeming like filler.

Overall, watchable but it struggles to hold your attention for the duration.

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