Karen: The Real Face Of Evil


Written by Luke Barnes


A young couples life is thrown into disarray and panic when they release that their neighbour is a racist intent on seeing them driven out of the neighbourhood.

Though this film is lampooning and joking around about the popular internet meme of the angry Karen there is something far deeper and more true to it as well. Though the film may come at the topic from a point of dark comedy it does make a lot of needed and hard hitting points about life in modern society and the vile racism that can hide behind a mask of civility.

I thought Taryn Manning did a good job as the villainous Karen, that is also the character name. I think it would have been very easy for her performance to be too over the top and border on ridiculous, however, she manages to nail the tone just right and have fun in the role whilst also conveying a sense of malice and as the film goes on genuine evil.

In that respect I thought the film managed its tone really well. It never veers to far into comedy territory and does manage to produce some tense and uncomfortable moments, whilst also giving us a few macabre dark laughs along the way as well.

The one thing I would say about this film is to be prepared for a large amount of cringe. I found myself in a near constant state of cringe watching parts of this film. I would say it was good cringe for the most part rather than bad, however it will elicit a strong response from you.

Overall, a surprisingly strong dark comedy thriller film that manages to deliver on both genres whilst also making some strong points about society.


The tension


The tone

A few darkly comedic jokes that really land


There are moments when it does border on the wacky

The cringe

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