Yakuza Princess: Waking Up Confused In A Brazilian Hospital We’ve All Been There Right?


Written by Luke Barnes


A man, Jonathan Rhys Myers, awakens in a Brazilin hospital with no memory of who he is with the only tie to his former life being a samurai sword.

This was a fairly boring samurai inspired action film. Not only was it boring but it is also deeply played out, the plot has been done time and time again and in a much more coherent way than this. Rhys Meyers is clearly just here for the money and even though he is not bad his character has so little substance to him that he ceases to be a person after a while.

Moreover, there is a location issue with the film that becomes more and more distracting as the film goes on. There are some scenes that are clearly supposed to be in Japan, or at least that’s how I interpreted them, and then there are others set in Brazil and the two switch back and forth and it becomes confusing what is happening where. Maybe it was my reading of it that was wrong, but I was confused throughout.

The action for the most part is also a wet blanket, never being able to tap into any of its influences well or deliver anything of substance.

Overall, a weak, bland and forgettable action film.


It is watchable

A few interesting moments


It is bland

The action is weak

Rhys Myers adds nothing

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