The Nest: If Someone Who Lives In The American Suburbs Can Suddenly Afford An English Manor House They Are A Con Man


Written by Luke Barnes


An entrepreneur, Jude Law, and his American family have their lives drift off course when they move into an English manner house.

This film is a mixed bag.

On the positive side the film is helped along greatly by strong performances from its two leads, Jude Law and Carrie Coon. Both give strong emotional layered performances that are effecting on multiple levels. I would say Coon is the real star of the show but not by much, her scene with the dug up remains of her horse is incredibly powerful.

However, on the other side of things the plot is incredibly predictable and deeply overly familiar. Truly you have seen this film before, I accurately guessed several key elements of the film early on as it was blindingly clear. What threw me however was the odd mentions to the supernatural here and there, that lead you to believe that this might be more of a classic British manner ghost mystery: it is not, and these lines are just throw away.

If you simply want a character drama about a family’s life falling apart set of a decaying English manner house then you will be happy enough with this.

Overall, the acting helps to push this film forward, but the incredibly familiar narrative holds it back.


Jude Law

Carrie Coon

A strong emotional resonance


It is overly familiar

You can easily predict what is going to happen next

The character journey’s don’t seem to lead anywhere

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