Stillwater: Intro To How To Ruin Character Drama


Written by Luke Barnes


Bill Baker, Matt Damon, goes to inner city France to try and get his daughter, Abigail Breslin, released from prison after she is accused of a crime she did not commit.

So, I hated the twist ending, I hated what the film did to the Bill character- I thought it ruined the character for the sake of more drama.

Against the real life basis, which this film throws out the window, this film has Bill kidnap and torture the real murderer so that he can get his daughter off, only for it to turn out she was actually guilty all along simply she had hired someone to kill the person rather than do it herself.

The reason why I hate this was because up until that point I was enjoying the film. It was a personal drama about a man trying to reconnect with his daughter and finding his place in a new land. I thought all the scenes were Damon’s character got to be a family man were sweet and I really wish the film had not had him throw it all away in the end.

Honestly, the twist ending made me feel like my emotions had been played with by the filmmakers and not in a good way.

I think Breslin is never given enough screen time to make a big impact, though she does shine in her limited number of scenes. Damon is also on strong form here and has a lot of good strong emotional moments, sadly his turn towards action at the end of the film ruins it though.

Overall, what could have been a strong drama film is instead ruined by unnecessary action.


The character drama




The twist

Everything about the ending

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