Snake-Eyes: Working With Terrorists To Fight Terrorists, A Confused Film


Written by Luke Barnes


We learn the origins of one of the founding members of the Joes. Snake-Eyes here played by Henry Golding.

I will open this by saying I admire what they tried to do. However, in their efforts to create a homage to Samurai films of yore, this film really doesn’t feel like a G.I Joe film let alone one that is supposed to be setting up a shared universe. In truth those elements feel like an afterthought.

Moreover, the fights, which are clearly the most important part of the film as they take up most of the runtime are not very good at all. This is because not only is the choreography bad, but the camera is all over the place often cutting away from the action only to return with the enemy on the ground and Snake Eyes looking vaguely irritated above them. Furthermore, and compounding these issues, the distinct lack of blood in this film is a major problem as it makes the fight scenes have far less of an impact and feel fake, which obviously they are but they are not supposed to feel that way.

Additionally the coolest aspect of this film is easily Samara Weavings Scarlett, another Joe, however she is given barely anything to do here and is often pushed to the background, which makes me question her purpose of even being in this film was it simply to recruit Snake Eyes at the end? Adding to, the Joes are supposed to be the good guys, at least that is what the film says, yet they are pretty cool about fighting alongside a terrorist, and recruit Snake Eyes even though he continues to work for Cobra even after learning who they are. The Joes don’t look so good here, they look morally bankrupt.

Overall, this was a waste of my time and money. A rare misfire for both Golding and Weaving.



It is watchable


Golding is miscast

The action is poorly done

The Joes don’t really feel like the heroes

It is dull and overly long

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