Physical: Series Overview


Written by Luke Barnes


Sheila Rubin, Rose Byrne, is a deeply unhappy house wife in a terrible marriage. However, through the power of Eighties aerobics she reclaims control over her life.

This one is hard to get through at times, the personal tension and the cringe can get to such a point where you will want to turn it off, and though that seems like a natural response to what you see stick with it. Trust me its good.

There is something oddly satisfying about watching Sheila both win and lose in near equal measure on a weekly basis. There is no denying that she is not a likeable character, but was she ever meant to be? I viewed this as a dark comedy going in, so when Sheila does something bad to her friends or how she uses people I view it in almost an anti-hero way. Even though she is arguably a bad person you still want her to win in the end.

The series runs the gambit from darkly hilarious to heart-breaking, it is not afraid to get dark and often does.  I enjoyed seeing the series trying to tackle issues of body dysmorphia, and unhappy marriages, I thought the series made a lot of good points and I would like to see where these issues move to in season two.

Overall, though some moments may be hard to watch it is well worth sticking with.


The soundtrack


Sheila’s arc

The ending


It can be hard to watch at times

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