Free Guy: Stop Killing NPCs


Written by Luke Barnes


A non-playable character Guy, Ryan Reynolds, figures out that his whole world is a lie and has to come to terms with that whilst also trying to stop it from ending.

The trailers for this film miss-sold it. They make the film look like a blockbuster action film, and whilst there certainly are action elements within the film, it often happens in the background. The film instead is far more character driven with the bonds and relationships they form being front and centre throughout. If I had to categorise this film I would say a comedy, possibly a romantic comedy.

I thought the film was very wholesome to watch and that this overriding sense of positivity made the film feel very watchable whilst also giving it a rootability. You quickly become attached to Ryan Reynolds’ Guy as well as the real world game designers that are trying to help him, these characters are played by Jodie Cormer and Joe Keery. The romance at the heart of this story, originally between Cormer’s Millie and Reynold’s Guy and then between Cormer’s Millie and Joe Keery’s ‘Keys’ is really the heart of the film. Personally, I thought the romance was sweet and well done, it made me feel something.

The Truman Show esque moments are easily the most fascinating of the film as Guy and his fellow NPC’s have to come to terms with being ‘not real’. I think the real strength of the narrative here is that the film leans into this and shows different characters processing this information in different ways. It would be very easy for the film just to show everyone freaking out, but it doesn’t do that.

I understand why the film features so many streamers, but it does get to feel a little like overkill by the end of the film. It would be better if the film only featured one or two streamers and used them sparingly throughout the film, it goes in the other direction for I think rather obvious reasons.

Overall, a good film to watch once. Does it need to be seen in the cinema? Probably not.



The love story

The comedy

The Truman Show vibes


Too many streamers, used cynically

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