Rick And Morty: Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion


Written by Luke Barnes


Rick replaces Morty with Summer who decides to keep enabling her Grandfather’s bad behaviour as a means of connecting with him and getting approval. Meanwhile the family all become pilots of an interlocking space robot- think Voltron.

This is easily the worst episode of season five so far for a number of different reasons. Worst is the fact that this episode is very reference heavy, as have been several episodes this season, which quickly becomes an issue if you are not aware of what the show is spoofing, which was the fate that befell me. The problem with these kind of episodes is that they feel lazy, rather than come up with a fresh concept or gimmick, they just take preestablished films/cartoons/tv shows etc and make fun of them: which requires far less effort.

Moreover, I have been hoping for some kind of reference back to the cannon or to earlier seasons for this year’s whole run, and we finally got it in a big way here. Except, not quite. Rather than bring back an important or impactful storyline from seasons gone by, like Space Beth just off the top of my head, they instead decide to bring back the giant incest baby from a few episodes prior- because that’s a character we need more of right? Honestly, the giant incest baby character was just a throwaway joke in that episode and bringing it back here does not make it anymore impactful, rather it just feels like the writers were looking for an easy way to tie in previous episodes.

I also found the constant narration to be grating.

Overall, one of the worst episodes of the show to date, please don’t bring giant incest baby back again.


It is watchable

There are a couple of funny lines


The narration

Bringing back giant incest baby

Another lazy spoof episode

Most of the jokes don’t land

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