American Horror Stories: The Naughty List


Written by Luke Barnes


A group of Youtube influencers, who are almost certainly supposed to be stand-ins for Team 10/ The Paul Brothers, find themselves on the wrong side of a demented mall Santa Claus who hunts them down after they publicly embarrass him.

So……….. What to say about this episode? Well it certainly wasn’t the strong episode of either this series or AHS in general and is in fact probably one of the worst. The gimmick of this episode, ‘man aren’t influencers annoying’, is funny and mildly interesting for all of a few minutes and then it starts to become grating.

Moreover, the episode spends far, far too much time dealing with the Youtube drama before the killer even shows up to hunt them down, essentially about a quarter of this episode is pointless filler where you get to see the guys worry over losing followers as a result of their bad behaviour- who cares?

Furthermore, when the always excellent Danny Trejo shows up to kill them it has no impact, this is because the characters are so deeply unlikeable that you don’t care if they get killed, in fact a part of you is probably gleeful about it after they have stolen so much of your time.  

The worst thing about this episode is the fact that it is Trejo’s introduction to the series and the universe. Trejo is always great, and he is a personal favourite of mine, what’s sad is that this will be the episode of AHS he is remembered for, if the series was going to use him they should have given him so much more to work with and do. Ultimately they waste him and his talent and that is the biggest crime of this episode.

Overall, we get it influencers are annoying.



The gore


They waste Trejo and give him nothing to do

The gimmick quickly becomes played out

It is annoying

It has some of the worst dialogue I have ever heard

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2 thoughts on “American Horror Stories: The Naughty List

    1. This is a spin off show American Horror Stories, the tenth series of American Horror Story is coming out at the end of the month. Personally I enjoy the show and clearly there is a market for it, hence why it has not yet been cancelled

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