Gates: A Stroll Through The Kentish Countryside


Written by Luke Barnes


Estranged sisters reconnect during a trip through the Kentish countryside, all the while the spector of past trauma stalks them from the shadows.

I found this film to be deeply moving. I thought the bond between the sisters and how it grows over the course of the film is life affirming, serving to remind you that no matter how bad a situation seems it can always improve. Furthermore, the pair are very convincing in their roles with both Iona Champain and Lily Walbeoffe delivering solid performances that have you fully believing in them as sisters.

I think the biggest pro of this film is it’s ability to connect with the audience on a personal level and be reflective of the human experience, the struggles and the pain. This is beautifully paired and reflected by the Kentish countryside. The pathetic fallacy is strong here and each scene has a message reflected in the setting, which adds to the second meaning of the film when red on a deeper level.

My only critique of the film is that it has pacing issues. Despite a relatively short run time this film feels longer, and it really shouldn’t. Most of this film feels very needed and is well paced and structured however, a few scenes carry on longer than they should, and it is in these moments where the pacing issues become apparent.

Overall, an emotionally powerful film.


The performances

The use of setting

The dialogue

The ending


A few pacing issues and overly bloated scenes  

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