American Horror Stories: Drive In


Written by Luke Barnes


The screening of a rare, and supposedly cursed, film turns the audience into black eyed demonic murderers.

The premise of this episode felt a little familiar I felt like I had seen it somewhere before, but I can’t quite put my finger on it……… Oh wait Demons in 1986. Yes in many ways this film is a carbon copy of the Lamberto Bava film with only the slight difference of the fact that the character here aren’t implied or called demons.

Moreover, unlike Bava’s film the ending to this is easy, far too easy. It ends when the main couple survives and kills the director of the film supposedly ending the curse only to then have the film pop up on Netflix and wreck the world anyway. It lacks any kind of personality or soul and just feels like a cliff-hanger for the sake of it.

I thought the horror on display here was quite good and the drive in setting added a claustrophobic element to it which enhanced it. There were quite a few good scares present, though some were a bit too obvious and clearly telegraphed; yes I am talking about the blow job scene.

I thought this episode suffered from a weak cast. Compared to the Rubber Woman two part opener, this episode really showed itself up in the acting department. Other than the AHS veteran John Carrol Lynch, this episode is devoid of good performances and it often becomes painful to watch especially when the leads are trying to have a serious moment and their inability deeply weakens the scene.

Overall, a step back from the opening two parter but there are still some solid scares here.


The scares

John Carroll Lynch

The comments on classic Hollywood


The rest of the cast are awful

It is a blatant rip-off of Lamberto Bava’s Demons

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