The Bad Batch: Infested


Written by Luke Barnes


The Batch are forced into a gang drug deal between various underworld figures and groups in order to save Cid.

This episode is interesting as it brings back the Pikes, which means the possibility of seeing a return of Maul and Crimson Dawn depending on how things shake out in the timeline. I think the Pikes really add something to this episode and serve to be great antagonists. There is a part of me that wishes the Batch hadn’t tied things up with them neatly, and that we could possibly explore a gang war between the Pikes and The Batch/Cid, ah well.

I think the action for the episode was solid, there was a good amount of tension in the closing showdown as there feels like there is a real threat to Omega’s wellbeing. Moreover, I thought the cart chase scene was well done and used the setting well within the sequence.

I enjoyed that this episode explored Cid’s character a bit more and gave her more to do as up till this point she had only really been a background character. However, this episode does not give the Batch much to do and for the most part they are just along for the ride: if we could have put some character development in their for them that would have made the episode stronger.

Overall, an episode that has promise, however it needs more development.



The action

The Pikes


The Batch are more of a footnote in the episode

The final scene of the episode between Omega and Hunter

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