Halloween 4: Michael The Cult Icon


Written by Luke Barnes


Michael Myers is back, and this time he is after his infant niece.

This was a mixed bag. I think you can definitely feel the absence of Carpenter in a lot of ways, and the film plays as trying to recapture or even imitate both the man himself and the first Halloween which he directed. I understand trying to return to the series roots after the third film underperformed, but making this film feel so heavily ‘inspired’ by Carpenter’s style ends up making it feel like a pale imitation.

That said I do think this film has some promise. I thought the more supernatural take on Myers, with him being evil incarnate was interesting and I am curious to see where they will take it. Moreover, I enjoyed the return of Donald Pleasant’s Dr Loomis, I think Pleasant brings an air of class to the film and really helps to bring the acting up to a believable degree.

I thought the film struggled to find new things for Michael Myers to do, yes he gets a few new kills but nothing to truly make this film feel any different from any of the others. Nightmare On Elm Street had massively different kills and wild lore things happening between instalments, even Friday The 13 at least had Jason in different costumes. Furthermore, I am not quite sure how I feel about the end twist of having Jamie continue on the ‘family business’. Though it was a shocking reveal, I question whether it was just a desperate attempt to keep the franchise fresh.

Overall, there is still some good stuff here, but it is a shadow of its former self.


The theme is still great

The supernatural take on Myers

The return of Dr Loomis


Nothing new

Carpenter’s absence is noticeable

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