Halloween 2: You Just Can’t Kill Michael Myers


Written by Luke Barnes


Michael Myers can’t be killed and now he is back at it, tracking Laurie Strode down to her hospital room with a mind to finish what he started.

Though not as good as the original, as few horror sequels are, there is still some electricity here. The moment we are treated to John Carpenter’s wonderful score we are send straight back into that world, as goosepimples are returned to our arms.

I really enjoy the slow dread and paranoia that comes from these early Halloween films, as we see just how frightened of Michael Myers all the characters are, and we get to see that grow as they begin to realise the supernatural qualities he has and how he cant be killed- at least not for very long.

There is a beautiful simplicity to Halloween that other slasher just cant beat. At the end of the day the premise is simple the killer is coming to claim his victims, and no matter what changes or happens that will always be true.

Furthermore this film not only proves without a doubt that Jamie Lee Curtis is not only the heart and soul of the Halloween franchise, as if there was any doubt of that, but also that she is the definitive Scream Queen. Curtis brings so much to the role of Laurie here as we begin to see the trauma coursing through her character as she is not quite in battle hardened mode yet, but she still gives Michael one hell of an opponent.

Overall, a strong sequel that sets the bedrock for the franchise.


The slow dread



The theme song/ wider score


It is not quite as tight as the original film in terms of pacing

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