Settlers: The Fight For Survival Is Bleak


Written by Luke Barnes


In a post-apocalyptic future settlers on Mars must fight for their survival and that of their species.

This film is heavy and gets very dark. I am adding that here at the start of the review as I think it is very important to bare that in mind when starting this film, there is a scene right near the end that is quite an intense rape scene that is very hard to watch and that I found to be deeply distressing.

As a wider piece I actually found this film quite interesting to watch. The concept is interesting, and they leave out just enough context about how these people arrived on Mars and what Earth is now like to make the film have some mystery to it which helps immeasurably.

I thought the tension and feeling of subtle threat throughout was done very well, as there are moments where you yourself question which side the antagonist is on and indeed whether they are even an antagonist at all, but then you are clearly reminded.

Visually I thought the film was quite addressing and impressive. I thought the effects and wider look of the film shows how far technology has come, with the vistas we are treated to looking startlingly real and well actualised.

The main thing I would criticise this film for is wasting a very talented cast. This is essentially a two person film, however there are others cast in it: Sofia Boutella and Johnny Lee Miller. Both of these are very talented performers; however, they are killed off before the film even reaches the forty five minute mark with their inclusions ultimately feeling like a waste in the end.

Overall, despite some harrowing scenes and wasting it’s supporting cast this film still manages to be a strong science fiction thriller with an interesting concept and very well done effects.


The tension

The effects

The premise

The ending


It wastes Miller and Boutella

It is very hard to watch at times

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