Old: Live Your Life In An Afternoon


Written by Luke Barnes


A group of people find themselves on a mysterious beach where they age rapidly and seem incapable of leaving.

Other reviews of this film have been very mixed, and mine will only add to that.

The premise for this film is very interesting the concept of rapidly aging is fairly unique from a cinema standpoint and it does hold up throughout the film. The film does a lot of interesting things with aging its characters, we see many deaths and a birth, though the less said about that the better.

However, where things fall apart for me is with the big twist. As with every Shyamalan film there is a twist here, however I think it ends up disrupting and ultimately ruining the film. I won’t spoil what it is here, but I will say this, it is underwhelming and what you want to be happening isn’t….. It is far more mundane and generic than that. My issue with the ending of this film is that it is overly simplistic, it is too neat. The film ends with a surprising amount of it’s questions answered with little left to think about, what’s more the aging beach is seemingly forgotten about and no answers for it are given. In short it both gives you too many answers and too few.

The performances across the board are good, if sometimes a little eclectic and eccentric. I think that Rufus Sewell is by far the standout of the film as his characters slow descent into mental illness is both saddening and terrifying, and he does manage to feel quite threatening towards the end of the film. I also thought that Alex Wolff was strong as the families young child stuck in the body of a twenty year old, he brings a lot to the character.

Overall, a fascinating hook is pulled off course by a weak twist/ ending.

The premise

The questions

The performance

The tension


The ending

The twist

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