The Bad Batch: Rescue On Ryloth


Written by Luke Barnes


Following on from last week’s episode we see Hera ask the Bad Batch to break into the capital and save her family, where they have another run in with Crosshair.

I am glad this show is using Crosshair more, he makes for far more of an interesting antagonist than whatever random villain of the week they would otherwise use. Though in this episode the confrontation between Crosshair and his former teammates is not as thrilling or as tense as it has been in the past there is still enough there to make it enjoyable. Moreover, the series promises a bigger confrontation going forward as Crosshair is finally sent to hunt the Bad Batch down.

I enjoyed the Ryloth characters and seeing the show tie into Rebels, however, I think in doing this the show creates an inconsistency. Howzer is a clone, who despite the inhibitor chip can still disobey the rule of the Empire and think for himself- therein lies the problem. If Howzer and later other clones can disobey their programming then why can’t Crosshair, is the showing trying to suggest he was always bad so therefore his morality wouldn’t force him to break orders because I don’t think that is true. The episode as a whole glosses over this issue but it needs to be addressed.

Finally, as I have said before so won’t belabour, Omega is the worst character on the show and her naïve self-righteousness doesn’t make her any more likeable as a character.

Overall, for the most part a good episode


The promise of more Crosshair

The action

The wider lore being set up


The Howzer inconsistency


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