Pig: Food Is The True Window To The Soul, One Of Nicolas Cage’s Best


Written by Luke Barnes


A former chef goes on a quest to reclaim his truffle pig after it is kidnapped.

Pig is not the film you’re expecting. The trailer played on John Wick vibes and tried to turn it into something it is not, this is not an action thriller film, really quite far from it. This is a soulful reflection on life, love and loss, told often through the facial emotions of the actors rather than through dialogue.

This film almost certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it is not always a pleasant viewing experience there are moments of extreme grief and trauma throughout that might adversely effect those watching, but they need to be there as it is in these moments that we see the film’s true soul.

Nicolas Cage proves his vulnerability and versatility here in this role as he manages to change between intimidating, cold and detached and passionate breakdown all within the space of a few seconds, this really is one of Cage’s finest performances and proves his strength as a performer. Likewise Alex Wolff is also terrific I believed his emotional damage and his strained relationship with his father and thought his whole performance dripped with nuance.

Overall, this could have very easily have been silly, but it isn’t it is deep and soulful and perhaps one of Cage’s best. Be careful how you view this film before you see it, as the trailers are deeply misleading. Well worth the watch.




The emotion

The bond between man and pig


A little depressing at times

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