Tuca And Bertie: Vibe Check


Written by Luke Barnes


Bertie receives unwelcomed sexual fantasies and Tuca worries if she has been ghosted by her hopefully new girlfriend.

At this point I don’t think this show is a comedy anymore. It is never funny and is more often than not depressing. That is not to say it is bad, rather to adjust your expectations with the show.

For this week’s storylines I thought Bertie had by far the stronger arc. I think the further exploration of how Pastry Pete affected her is important character work, I think the storyline is handled maturely and actually makes some great points about sex and relationships widely.

Tuca however…… The show does not seem to know what to do with her this season, we have established that she is lonely and that she pushes people away, but the show does not want to seem to explore these issues deeper, rather it just gives her character throwaway storylines such as this. For most of the episode she worries she has been ghosted, and then she hasn’t been, that is the depth of the arc here.

It seems to me this show is far more interested in exploring Bertie and her character than Tuca and if that is true that’s fine, but then it shouldn’t really be called Tuca and Bertie it should just be called Bertie.

I may give this show up as I don’t find myself enjoying watching it and if anything it often bums me out.

Overall, Tuca is side-lined once again but Bertie has some interesting, nuanced character work.


Bertie’s storyline

Exploring the aftereffects of abuse

Important conversations about trauma, sex and relationships


They don’t know what to do with Tuca this season

It is depressing    

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