No Sudden Move: HBO MAX Are Desperate


Written by Luke Barnes

Usually Steven Soderbergh crime films are an interesting gift to audiences, however something is not quite right with this one and it ends up being anything but. I can’t help but feel like people knew this film wasn’t good as it was not marketed at all, anywhere.

For the talented cast involved you would expect something good, however the whole affair is just very mediocre. The acting was all fine no one really blew me away. However, the thing that really stood out to me was how predictable and thrill-less the film was. Everything is very clearly signed posted from the get-go and the story only gets more obvious as it goes along.

The real issue here is that this film does not feel special. It feels like a hundred other crime films that are churned out year after year, there is nothing to make this film standout and ultimately it doesn’t. Watching this it could have been any number of other films. The film is watchable don’t get me wrong, but it is deeply generic.

Overall, I found this film very hard to finish as it was so bland that it almost put me to sleep.


It is watchable

It is nice to see Brenden Frasier back on our screens


You have seen this film before

It is boring and predictable

There is no passion here it just feels like it was churned out to fill out the catalogue of content for HBO Max.

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