The Tomorrow War: More Emotions Less Bland CGI Shootouts


Written by Luke Barnes


A high school science teacher is conscripted to fight a war against aliens in our near future that could spell the extinction of the human race.

Chris Pratt usually brings a certain level of charm and likeability to his roles: his role here however was devoid of this. Indeed, any number of actors could have played Pratt’s part, some to a far better result as honestly Pratt seems bored for most of the film.

For the most part this film is a deeply average science fiction film. There is nothing here that you haven’t seen before and the premise feels a little overly familiar. Even the aliens look like a retread.

Although the occasional moment of pure and very real feeling emotion in this film helps to elevate it beyond mediocrity. The moments between Pratt’s character and his daughter feel very impactful, they effect you and if you are anything like me they make you well up a bit as well. Moreover, there are also moments between Pratt’s character and his estranged father played by J.K Simmons that also bring a tear to your eye. For an action film this is surprisingly emotional.

The cast, with the exception of Pratt excel here. Yvonne Strahovski, Simmons and Betty Gilpin all have scene stealing moments that really help to make the film and to standout against all the CGI shootouts.

Overall, a rare misfire for Pratt, but one that is slightly elevated beyond mediocrity by a strong heart.


The emotion


The ending


It is overly familiar

Too much of the film is just generic CGI shootouts

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One thought on “The Tomorrow War: More Emotions Less Bland CGI Shootouts

  1. I felt like the aliens were real cool but the violence could have been scaled up a good deal. When the guy uses the industrial saw on one and it sprays it’s green blood everywhere. That was real cool. But shooting guns at object that have shields is real boring. They could have come up with better ways to kill off the creatures.

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