Siberia: The Real Horror Here Is That You Can Never Get Your Time Back From Watching This


Written by Luke Barnes

I’m a big fan of Willem Dafoe but this was a miss for sure. The main issue with this film is that without reading several different plot summaries online, you will have no idea what is happening for most of the film. I understand that this is a deliberate choice and the film wants you to the do the work in piecing the events happening together, but it is so poorly constructed that that is almost impossible to do.

Moreover, there is a weirdly large amount of nudity in this film that really servers no purpose. I am no prude, but this just feels voyeuristic and needless. You can show that Dafoe’s character is a letch who abandoned his family for various one night stands without showing them all in graphic detail; it is almost as though this film is one part softcore porn film.

Dafoe makes this film bearable, and some of the conversational scenes where he is talking to others or different versions of himself are interesting and well-acted, yet this loses any impact it might have as you can’t translate this into any form of meaning with regards to the wider story or what is going on.

Overall, I go back and forth on whether this film was pretentiously abstract on purpose, or whether it was just poorly conceived.



The premise is interesting


It is in no way scary

The nudity is needless

It makes no sense and for large chunks of the film you have no idea what is going on

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