Rick And Morty: Mortyplicity


Written by Luke Barnes

This episode was a big step back from last weeks’.

Though this episode had a few highlights, it certainly had the most on-screen deaths of the Smith family, it also reflected what I would say is the worst sensibility of the show, the gimmicky intellectual. A few of the weaker episodes of Rick and Morty across its run are not so much bothered about telling a fun story as they are with exploring a deep scientific concept and showing their audience just how intelligent their writers think they are. This is one of those episodes to a tee.

The concept of duplicates and clones of the family being killed off, and then later killing each other off, could work on paper, but as the episode progresses it quickly becomes apparent that their simply isn’t legs to the idea. It is vaguely intriguing for about the first five minutes then it becomes increasingly annoying as it continues.

Though that is not to say the idea is entirely flawed, it did show some imagination and I enjoyed seeing all the various different duplicates, some of which look noticeably different, that was a fun little distraction within the episode itself.

Furthermore, something else I noticed increasingly throughout the episode was how hostile Beth was towards Rick. Now, for the sake of series context, yes I can see why Beth would be upset in this situation as it mirrors something she went through last season and the point of the episode is to have the characters work through these issues seemingly. However, it makes no sense to have this episode be the second episode of the series considering Clone Beth was the previous season finale, it should have been the first. As it stands now, you have the Clone Beth episode, then an episode where Beth is fine to Rick and everything is forgotten about, and then an episode where it is all brought back up and clearly is a festering point of tension between the two, it is out of sequence.

Overall, Rick and Morty is better when it is trying to entertain us rather than prove how smart it’s writers are, sadly that lesson is ignored here.


It is nice to see Rick get called out

Jerry has a few funny lines; my favourite was the one about his lemon bars

The imaginative duplicates


It is trying too hard to prove how smart it is

The premise becomes tiresome very early on

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