Fatherhood: From Complaints About Cancel Culture To Possible Awards Season Glory, Kevin Hart Is A Dramatic Actor


Written by Luke Barnes

I never saw this coming. Kevin Hart is more than just a comedian who complains a little too much about cancel culture, clearly he has never heard of the Streisand Effect, he is also a very serious dramatic actor.

This film is being sold to you entirely incorrectly, it is not a light hearted comedy film but rather quite a serious and at times upsetting drama film. There are several things that happen over the course of the film that are deeply upsetting, including Hart’s character having to give his daughter up because it allows her a chance at a better life with her grandparents- this is not a comedy.

When I saw the film going in this serious direction I was at first troubled as I did not know if Hart could carry a film like this, if he could muster the necessary emotional heft, but he more than succeeds. Hart is the lifeblood of this film the father daughter dynamic is so sweetly crafted that it is honestly heart-wrenching. Moreover, during the dramatic scenes Hart plays the character as a real human being and feels the emotion rather than trying to crack a tasteless joke. I appreciated how sparingly this film used its comedy.

Overall, this is a powerful film for a lot of reasons, and it goes to prove that Hart can be a talented dramatic actor when he is not the butt of height jokes.


The emotion


The father- daughter bond

Sparse/ tasteful use of comedy


It is not what a lot of people are expecting  

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