Piercing: A Love Story Where The Leads Try To Kill Each Other


Written by Luke Barnes

This is a darkly comedic horror masterpiece. This film is so awkward and tense I love it, it made me laugh quite a few times.

I think both Christopher Abbott and Mia Wasikowska are simply excellent here. Abbott is really proving himself as someone to watch out for. I enjoyed how the story played with the characters never letting one get the upper hand on the other, or at least not for very long.

The basic premise is Abbott’s character is a family man who starts having urges to kill so rather than murder his family, he rents a room at a hotel with the idea of luring a prostitute, Wasikowska, up there to kill her. The beauty of this premise is that though simple it is executed so cleverly that it becomes easily engrossing.  

I thought the ending was strong as it leaves the idea of murder ambiguous, we don’t know whether one of the two killed the other or whether they ended up falling in love. Moreover, I thought the use of violence throughout the film but particularly here at the end feels well done, it is as painful to witness as it would be to experience it is very graphic and visceral allowing it to pack a punch even when used sparingly.

Overall, one of the tensest films I’ve seen recently but also hilariously funny at times.



The ending   

The impactful violence

The humour


A slow start

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