The Sixth Sense: I See Bruce Willis When He Actually Used To Care About Acting


Written by Luke Barnes

I feel like I would have enjoyed this film a lot more had I not known the twist going into it; sadly in the age of the internet that is near impossible.

My main takeaway from the film was that it was nice to see Bruce Willis actually trying to give a good performance, rather than just turning up to get paid. I would probably say Willis and his performance is the best part of the film, and you do become emotionally invested in the character as the film progresses.

However, I can’t say the same for the other lead character, Cole played by Haley Joel Osment. Now I won’t rip into the character too much as he is played by a child actor and they are usually not great, but I think the issues with Cole permeate beyond his acting and instead originate from the script. The writing of Cole as a character almost seems like it is going out of its way to make you dislike him.

The twist, which is always the most important part of a Shyamalan film, is good. Despite knowing what it was already which took away some of my enjoyment and makes me question the film’s rewatchability, I found it to be well done and quite clever.

Overall, good but far from a classic.


Bruce Willis

A few good scares

The twist enhances the film


It is poorly paced   

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