Infinite: Mark Wahlberg’s Audition Tape For The Role Of Neo In The Matrix


Written by Luke Barnes

I was not aware there was a new Mark Wahlberg action film coming out. Did anyone know about this film? I certainly didn’t.

I found the concept for the film quite interesting, these two warring immortal factions that keep all of their memories when they die and are locked in a never ending war about the meaning of their existence. Though this intriguing premise is countered by all the plot holes that litter the film, and the logic the film uses to try and create stakes.

Moreover, though I usually like Wahlberg action films I actually think he is one of the weaker parts about this film and can’t pull of the Neo charm, as this film is basically a reskinned Matrix, that this film needs. Funnily enough Wahlberg’s previous incarnation was played by Dylan O’ Brien, and he would have made for a much better lead in my opinion.

I also thought Sophie Cookson was the surprise breakout star of this film and had all the best scenes. Though I was aware of Cookson from The Crucifixion she really shined here, and easily had more charm and charisma than Wahlberg for most of the film. Did I care if Wahlberg’s character made it out of the final fight? Meh. Did I care if Cookson’s did? You better believe it. If they make a sequel make her the lead.

Overall, a passable science fiction action film that has enough dumb fun to keep you around, just don’t overthink it.




The premise



The plot holes   

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