Bad Batch: Battle Scars


Written by Luke Barnes

So this episode gets straight into tying up the mysteries of the previous cliff-hanger, and we now know that the sisters were talking to our old friend Captain Rex- who comes in an immediately makes things better. These last two episodes have been the best in the Bad Batch so far, though that is not saying much.

I enjoyed the further exploration of Wrecker’s mind as he loses control to the inhibitor chip and its programming and becomes evil, for a few minutes. I think its interesting to see this evil side of a character that is often the most loveable. Furthermore, I liked that the show is continuing to explore the effects of the inhibitor chips on the clones. However, I think the greatest short coming in this department is the continued lack of and almost deliberate ignoring of Crosshair; you would think that now the Bad Batch know about the chips they would plan to remove Crosshair’s and save their friend- evidently they don’t care that much.

I think something needs to happen with Omega soon as she is quickly becoming the worst part of the show, she is not likeable and is often annoying: the gimmick of her being naïve is starting to wear thin. Moreover, the relationship between Hunter and Omega just isn’t coming along and more often than not feels forced in, it is a million miles away from the relationship between Din and Grogu.

Overall, this series is getting better, but it still has quite a few issues to overcome.


The continuing of the inhibitor chip storyline

Wreckers turn to the dark side

Everything to do with Rex



Ignoring Crosshair

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