Beyond Belief: Faith In Something More


Written by Luke Barnes

Before watching this I was unaware the Open University had a film arm, but now I am keenly aware.

I thought this film was very noble in what it set out to do, examining whether the belief of life after death can provide support and comfort to those who are dying. I found the film to be educational and entertaining, even if its conclusions were a little bit forgone.

Moreover, the acting felt very real and human which allowed me to lose myself further in the film and to connect more with the characters. I really do think the acting and the casting in this film are its greatest strengths.

The film struggles a little bit with pacing, despite being quite short the film still feels like it lasts hours. This becomes a problem as you start to lose interest, which then lessens the message and educational goal of the film.

Overall, though it has obvious ends and a few pacing issues this film is an interesting one to think about and ponder: hopefully we see more films in a similar vein.


The acting

The message and approach

It was entertaining


The conclusions are obvious

It has pacing issues  

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