The Bad Batch: Decommissioned


Written by Luke Barnes

Baring the first episode of The Bad Batch this may be the best yet. Though Decommissioned doesn’t live up to some of the best episodes of Rebels or Clone Wars it does start to show the promise of this show and lay some much needed ground work; I am hoping from here on out the series can begin to turn around.

The episode is helped by not feeling villain of the week style self-contained and by progressing things from previous adventures. I thought it was nice to see the group get a base beyond the ship, and also presenting them as basically mercenaries or bounty hunters makes for some nice questions around what a soldiers purpose is.

Furthermore, I enjoyed that the show is starting to show the effects of Order 66 on the rest of the Bad Batch, with Wrecker almost giving into the conditioning after being hit on the head. I think the show desperately needs to go back to the Crosshair storyline and address it, as the group seems to have moved on from him and basically left him behind, which makes viewing them as heroes harder.

Moreover, Omega continues to be an issue with this series and one that is not seemingly getting better. The show clearly wants to mimic the parent-child style bond of the Mandalorian yet comes off as lacking and disingenuous. Nothing so far in this series has made me warm to Omega, and whenever an episode cuts to whatever she is up to, you know it is going to slow down to a boring degree.
Finally the ending tease is fine if a little obvious and baity. We don’t need constant cliff hangers to keep coming back.

Overall, better than the last few episodes, but the series still needs a lot of improvements



More stability

The wider world



The ending   

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