People Places Things: Fantasy And Reality Crashing Together To Create Life


Written by Luke Barnes

This film is entirely carried by the likeable offbeat charm of Jemaine Clement. I have been a fan of Clement’s for a long time now, probably dating back to my younger years watching Flight Of The Concords, and one thing has stayed consistently the same since then and that is the likeability of this man; he can do no wrong.

That is very true here, as Clement is front and centre and has to do a lot of the heavy lifting of this film. The plot is focused on the idea of Clement’s character having to deal with and move on from his ex: highlighting the messy road he faces, with pit falls aplenty. I think this translates very well, and I thought it was the right move to not have Clement’s character be in another relationship by the end of the film; the man finally has it all together.

In terms of humour I didn’t find this film funny particularly, more charming perhaps. I was not laughing but I was smiling throughout. There are a number of scenes that are incredibly cringey to get through, I assume this is a purposeful decision on the part of the film to highlight the issues in the characters life, but they were so painful to watch I almost had to turn away.

Overall, if Clement had not been involved this film would not have been even half as good.



The ending

The character growth


It is not funny

A few of the scenes are quite cringe    

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