Ribbon: Fighting In The Corporate Machine


Written by Luke Barnes

This film holds a mirror up to the ugly twisted face of corporate America, whilst also asking us if we weren’t already familiar with it. This film manages to do social commentary in such a special way, where it feels entirely organic to the story and the world of the film, yet it is also cutting, to the point and often times shocking as well; even when done in a comedic way.

Socio-political points aside, this film is at heart a comedy and in that regard it also succeeds. As I write in many of my reviews judging comedy films can be hard as what I find funny you may not: it is hard to find an objective good when it comes to this type of film. That said I found this film to be hilarious, it made me laugh multiple times throughout and when I wasn’t I was smiling.

This was in no small part due to the characters, who you do become deeply emotionally invested in by the end of the film. All of the characters in this film are written in such a way that they feel deeply human and personable: this is so much the case that it is very hard to not end up caring about them. They are incredibly well written.

Overall, this film is a triumph, a few scenes had a bit of bloat to them but that aside- near perfect.


The social commentary

The humour

The characters and how they come across

The ending

The style of the film


A little bloated in places

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