Plan B: ‘Save Your Car For Your Husband’


Written by Luke Barnes

On the surface the similarities between Plan B and the HBO Max exclusive Unpregnant are hard to ignore. Both feature young women seeking out a way to get rid of their unwanted pregnancy, which takes the form of a cross country road trip with their best friend, both differently cover a lot of the same ground, however, both are unique, and both are good in their own right.

Plan B steers away from some of the more social conscious, politics heavy areas of Unpregnant and focuses more on the leading pair coming of age and what that means for girls in this day and age. That is not to say there aren’t some heavier moments peppered in, there are, but widely this film is more comedy focused.

I found this film to be quite funny, it made me laugh out loud on a good few occasions and had me chuckling throughout. I thought both the leads had moments to shine in this department and were well balanced, avoiding a one’s funny one’s trying too hard style situation.

Overall, a strong comedy film about coming of age and female friendship, only spoilt by a few slight pacing issues.


The humour

The leads

It feels real and lived

You care about the characters by the end


The pacing

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