The Doorman: Ruby Rose Needs A Better Agent


Written by Luke Barnes

The unlikeliness of Ruby Rose actually being able to overpower and physically best guys twice or sometimes even three times her size is never lost on me. Watching Rose as a cold calculating villain ordering foot soldiers to their death is far better and more believable than watching her trying to take on the action hero role herself.

This film is a clear Die Hard rip-off, and for most of the film it doesn’t even try to hide it. Rose’s character is ex-military, so of course when some vague ‘European’ baddies show up and try and take over the hotel that her dead sister’s Husband and kids live at she expertly manages to take them all down and keep everyone save.

The premise is beyond familiar, and we get back to the idea of this being a rip-off, however it feels more like a spoof. Whoever is Ruby Rose’s agent should be fired as they keep getting her these really generic action roles, that might help her to build a certain image, that of an action star, but at the same time show just how poorly she plays theses type of roles- it is double edged.

Moreover, the sub-plot regarding the fact that Rose’s character and her dead sister’s husband had an affair, and it is implied they still have feelings for each other, is icky and makes both of the characters deeply unlikeable.

Overall, hopefully someone in Hollywood will start making better decisions with their money and we will get less films like this.


It is short



The premise

It is generic

The icky subplot

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