Wrath Of Man: Leave Your Lights On For Jason Statham


Written by Luke Barnes

Recently I have been suck in somewhat of a purgatory when it comes to finding good films to watch, try as I like I keep ending up watching average films, or films that are good but also deeply flawed. However, just when I was starting to lose faith, I watched this.

For most of his filmography I have been a big Guy Richie fan, and this film was yet another hit for me. Jason Statham I am more mixed on, sometimes he can be good, other times he is woefully miscast here however he is great.

There is just something that works about this film, there are no glaring issues with it, and it had a smile on my face from start to finish. I thought the pacing was tight, there were no dips in interest or engagement, the action was strong with the shootout at the depot being a particular highlight and the tension was well maintained over the course of the film.

Moreover, I surprisingly also found this film to be very funny- deliberately. Yes, when I put this film on I did not think it would have lighter moments it seemed a very dark tale, but the tone does balance this, and allows for a few one-liners that help the film to stay enjoyable and not get too dark; and these lines are also quite funny.

Overall, it is nice to see Statham and Ritchie back on form, this film clearly illustrates the best of both men and makes for one of the more entertaining watches of the year so far.


The action

The tension

The jokes

The cast




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